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A Restaurant which is simply different.


Dan Daniell's life show and delicious grilled lamb directly from the open fire grill are some of the specialities of this institution in Zermatt. 



A restaurant with a certain twist
in Zermatt

A family owned business with very special roots. Heini, who also gave the restaurant its name, always was an important part of this picturesque village called Zermatt and always had a very close relation also to its nature. From there the way to involve regional specialities in a restaurant was given. Still today the local lamb is one of the most famous dishes served at the Restaurant Chez Heini. Grilled on an open fire grill, tuned with local herbs and spices it get this incomparable taste, which can only be found here. The grand final every evening is topped with a life performance from the singer and artist Dan Daniell, the son of Heini. 

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Dan Daniell
singer and artist 

Theallrounder Dan Daniell, thinks, rimes, sings and creates. With his Restaurant Chez Heini, he created a unique place which exists now for already 25 years. On the side he produces albums, writes books, created Wolli, the mascot of Zermatt or invents new dished for the restaurant 


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We are exited to welcome you, reserve online now. 

Please notice, in

Winter we are open from

Tuesday till Sunday

axcept over Christmas,

new year and Eastern.

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